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Digital Score Web emerges as the leading Website development company in Delhi, providing a wide range of services. All businesses, whether small or large scale, want a solid digital presence to increase their brand’s visibility and hence we bring you the ultimate solution for all your website-related problems in one place here named — Digital Score Web. 

What makes us the best website development agency?

We live in a digital era where even education is taking place online these days, so how can businesses stay behind? Everybody wants a good-looking & well-functioning website displaying their goods and services for easy access to consumers and gaining potential customers. 

Hence why Digital Score Web emerges as the leading web development and web designing company in Delhi, bringing premium services for all your website-related needs. We Focus on developing websites that load faster and are compatible with the web pages’ creative design. Digital Score Web aims to maintain your website to keep it error-free and smoothly functioning. 

We carefully choose every element that will create your website and keep your customers and potential audience at the center of our efforts to increase the conversion rate.

Digital Score Web has been a trustworthy reliable source for all businesses from start-ups to big corporations for affordable web design services in Delhi. We bring reasonable pricing plans to the table with top-quality services and the best customer experience. 

What We DO

What services are we offering as the Web Development Company?

Let's get to know what kind of web development services Digital Score Web offers as the leading Website Development agency in Delhi with the help of our experienced team of professional web developers.


Customized Designs

We Customize your website design to make it stand out from your competition by making it unique and interactive for your visitors. We also focus on creating a design that is easy to navigate and not complex visually by adding unnecessary tools or widgets.

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Blog Website Design

Digital Score Web specializes in creating some of the best blog website designs. If you need somebody to create a website specifically showcasing blogs then you can contact us without any hesitation, we will design the website in a comparatively engaging manner.


Landing Page Design

Landing pages are the most important element for your website and we create landing pages for your website to fulfill its purpose perfectly by bringing visitors to your website and enabling them to check out your products or services without being overbearing.

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e-Commerce Websites

Digital Score Web is a renowned e-commerce website development company. In a time where online stores are as common for businesses as any other need, We dedicate ourselves to creating the best online store website designs for your needs.

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Corporate Website Design

We prove to be a reliable partner in the form of a website designing company for corporations in Delhi NCR looking to expand the visibility of their website. We will provide complete maintenance of your website and leave you stress-free.


Mobile Responsive Designs

Everybody doesn’t walk with a desktop all the time, so a website compatible with only a desktop isn’t enough. But, Don’t worry, Digital Score Web not only creates a website just for desktops but is also compatible with other devices such as mobile phones & tablets.

What We DO

What Technologies are we using in website development?

There are uncountable technologies for the web development process. Digital Score Web uses basic website-building platforms such as HTML and CSS and even more complex platforms and frameworks, making us the top pick for website design company. Here’s a detailed explanation of the technologies we use in creating websites for you:


WordPress is the most in-demand Content Management System (CMS). It is a free and open-source platform that lets users easily create and manage websites quickly. It has more than 43k plugins and themes, making it the most used platform for CMS. Web Developers at Digital Score Web use it efficiently.


Shopify has become one of the best e-commerce platforms in the past couple of years, enabling users to create and manage their online stores. It lets us customize the display via the templates and offers a secured payment gateways. This is the best platform for businesses looking to expand via online stores.

Woo Commerce

This platform is a plugin of WordPress catering to the e-commerce sector. Woocommerce works by integrating with the WordPress platform to enable online store creation, management of products and even selling the products in both Digital & Physical Forms. As the top Website designing company, we specialize in Woocommerce as well.


HTML is the basic and most common platform that is required in the process of website development and design. HTML works by breaking down the structure and content of the web page through headings, paragraphs, and links. Web developers at Digital Score Web are professional at it.


CSS is used to style HTML content. It acts as a supportive component and structures the display of the web pages and their overall presentation. The process includes styling the layout, colours, fonts, texts, images and more. Our web developers utilize this programme to its full capacity to provide the best results.


JavaScript is an extension to HTML to make the website pages more engaging and interactive, by enabling additions of animation, real-time updates, and more. This is used for both front-end and back-end web development. It’s mainly used for creating applications for mobiles and desktops.

Server-side languages

Server-side Languages run on the server and can create effective websites and applications. They generate content for a web page and perform data mining tasks. There are some popular server-side languages such as Python, PHP, Ruby, and Node.js. Digital Score Web is professional at functioning this programme.


Databases are used for the organized collection of data, to store, manage, and update data for web applications. Some of the popular databases include MySQL and PostgreSQL, which our web developers are fully familiar with. Databases can be used in the fields such as business, education, and more.

Web frameworks

It is a software framework to help web developers build web applications on server sites by providing libraries, and tools. It can handle common tasks like routing, data handling, and rendering. Some of the popular web frameworks are Laravel, Django, and Rails.

Process of Web Designing Explained by Digital Score Web

Web Designing is not a simple task, It can become a complex job if done without proper knowledge and skills. We, as the best website development company, provide professional web developers to work on the websites, who stick to the process and make it fun to work on and bring out the best results. Here’s how the process goes:


Understanding The Brand

We get clarity about the brand image, your needs and requirements and only based on that we create your website that reflects your brand identity.



Wireframing is more like the blueprint for your website. Even before designing the website, wireframing gives you a visualization of how it will function.


Development of Web Page

Once we are done with the wireframe and design we implement them in your next step, — which is the development of the website pages.


Integration Process

The next step is to integrate. Here we make sure that the website functions properly and integrates with your existing systems.



Finally, we test the functionality and look of the website rigorously. We test the speed, loading time, payment gateways, call to action, etc.



We launch the website for your usage. Even after launch, we continue to provide assistance to you until we iron out every spec of problem and you are satisfied with our service.

Why hire Digital Score Web as your website development agency?

Digital Score Web houses the best website designers in our company, with years of experience in their field. Our design team is an expert in strengthening the functionality of your website. We have assisted businesses in various fields enhancing our portfolio. Below are more reasons to choose us as your top pick for getting web development services.

Provides all-in-one solutions

We provide you with all the solutions to your website-related problems in one place at Digital Score Web. From creating websites to increasing customer engagement, e-commerce portals, website blogs, and portfolio creation we are here to serve all your business needs.

Focused on Customer Service

Our expert team of developers run in-depth research on your target audience before developing your website. We base our web designs on that research so that your customers can relate to it better. We make the design easy to navigate for your audience.

Professional Web Developers

Digital Score Web takes pride in our web development team. We have fostered the best team of developers at our agency, who are passionate and committed to dedicating their experience to every project we take upon us. This makes us the best website design agency in the game.

Results Driven

We just don’t create your website, we ensure that the results are delivered. We understand why you have entrusted us with your website and believe in helping you achieve your business goals. Our team keeps track of the performance and provides you with reports consistently.

Record of Successful Projects

It is not our mere words but our customers who have made us the most sought-after web designing company in NCR. Our status is backed by their positive testimonials because of our success rate.

24*7 Client Support

Our dedicated customer support team is available to answer your queries at any time of the day. We are happy to explain your doubts and answer all your questions. We will always keep you updated on your projects as we believe you have every right to know about it.

We Also Provide Service in Following Cities

Usually, it takes at least two weeks to complete the website, but it may take more time depending on the website type, size, platform, and any other customization you might want to add.

An e-commerce website is a product and services-based website. The e-commerce websites are designed to provide easy access for customers to place their orders online.

The cost of website design varies because of factors such as the type of website you want and the scale of your business. However, Digital Score Web as a leading web development and web designing company provides affordable prices for website designing services.


Yes, it is possible to incorporate CMS into your website with the correct implementation knowledge. Digital Score Web can assist you professionally in implementing CMS in your website. 

Digital Score Web as a leading SEO and website making company will provide complete SEO services for your website, enabling your website to rank higher in all search engines.

Yes, the professional web developers at our agency will ensure your website is compatible not only on desktops but on other devices as well.

We have gained experience by working with various industries including; Education, B2B, Travel, Interior Design, Beauty & Skin Care, and more.

To make a website design successful, we need to focus on some of the main components that help in ranking the website such as navigation, visuals, content, easy access to information on your website, its branding, and more.



Digital Score Web believes in providing the best web design service experience to our clients. We start by understanding their requirements and conceptualize their vision. Then we receive your feedback for any changes required. After all is decided, the further process is front-end development and website testing. Now the website is ready for the launch.

Yes, Digital Score Web helps in redesigning a website. We will customize it according to your requirements. Contact us today so we can discuss more.

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