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Are you looking to expand your social reach? Are you willing to build a loyal community for your brand? Do you want to see meaningful engagement in your business profile that turns into sales? —- If so, you have landed on just the right page. Digital Score Web, the #1 Social Media Optimization Company in Delhi is here to take your brand to new digital heights. Social Media is no longer just a platform for a daily dose of entertainment. It has giantly transformed itself into something massive over the last decade. It has become an epicenter of commerce attracting maximum eyeballs on itself. Brands quickly realized this and shifted their focus from traditional marketing to services like social media optimization.

What We DO

How To Grow Your Business Using SMO? A Step By Step Process::

With its discipline and rigorously process-oriented approach, Digital Score Web has risen to be one of the Best SMO services in Delhi, over the years. We do not compromise on our approach. With our vast experience and efficient team we have developed a success mantra for us.

Let us broadly look at some of the key steps we take while catering to businesses looking for SMO services Delhi.

Strategic Customization

Strategic Customization

Every business is unique, even their aspirations are unique and hence every strategy also needs to be unique. We deep dive and break down every business into minute segments. Then we analyze their needs and goals. And based on those specific findings we curate our strategy exclusively for each business so that they cater to their own respective target audiences.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

We do a detailed competitor analysis by finding out their strengths, weaknesses, advantages, disadvantages of your rivals. Based on these findings we create a social media optimization plan for your business. We will learn from their mistakes and avoid them in our plan. 

Creating Engaging and Quality Content

Creating Engaging and Quality Content

As they say, Content is King. However, we believe Content is King, Queen, Ministry, Subjects as well as the entire Empire. And we as the architects of this empire, create compelling narratives on behalf of it. Content needs to be original, reliable, interesting and engaging. 

We're results-oriented

Community Building

We create your business profile in all the social media platforms deemed necessary and then complete those profiles. Fully optimized profiles are very important. Once done we start sharing the content based on your audience behavior. Just posting is not enough to strike engagements and hence we also respond to comments, answer queries, and start building a community gradually.

Hashtag Research

Hashtag Research

However good a content might be unless it reaches the right audience what fruit should it bear? To ensure that your content reaches the right audience you need to do a very efficient hashtag research. Viewers looking for a specific product or services in your niche over the internet or social media platforms should be able to find your content. 

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Regular Posting Schedule

Social media optimization can be a very effective tool for growing your business, true. But it is not an overnight success. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience. Consistency is key in this game. You need to regularly post, maintaining a proper posting schedule that aligns with your audience's online activity. Regular, well-timed posts can give you better visibility and engagement. 

Best Describes For Your Business

Our USP Is Our Platform Expertise

Each platform presents us with unique opportunities, and we ensure your brand flourishes  on every front. From Facebook and Instagram and Twitter to LinkedIn, we specialize in optimizing your presence across all social media platforms. Let us look at some of the platforms below and how we work on them.



Despite other platforms coming into the spotlight in recent years, Facebook still continues to be one of the most used social media platforms. And that is why Facebook is a must have channel for your social media optimization. Our SMO experts create Facebook pages, increasing likes and followers, posting engaging content and interacting with your right audience to promote your brand successfully. Fun Fact: 66% of people using Facebook visit pages of local businesses at least once a week.



Instagram is currently the 4th most popular social networking site, having recorded 2 billion active users. Two out of three Instagram users say that the social media platforms lets them easily connect with brands. We offer Instagram marketing services like account set up, posts per day and increasing followers as per your needs. Fun Fact: Love and Instagood are the most popular hashtags on Instagram, with more than 1.835 billion and 1.150 billion posts to their credit.



LinkedIn is the world’s leading professional networking platform with over 900 million users worldwide. There is hardly any professional who hasn’t heard of linkedin. Content creation for linkedin is quite different from other social media sites. It needs a bit more formal and text or infographic based content with proper usage of emojis and graphs. We help with end-to-end company page set up, daily postings, posting in groups, increasing followers and connections as per your needs and demands at very affordable rates. 



The platform gets 14.3 billion user visits every month, more than leading platforms such as Wikipedia, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook.We offer YouTube marketing services including YouTube channel creation and uploading videos, increasing views, likes, comments and subscribers at very affordable prices according to your business’s needs. Our YouTube experts have extensive knowledge for guiding you rightly for promoting your business videos successfully. 



Pinterest is another rising social media platform for business. We offer services like account set up, boards creation, posting pins regularly, increasing followers and increasing engagement at reasonable prices.

Twitter or X

Twitter or X

16% of users on the internet in the age group of 16 to 64 apply microblogs to research brands. Making twitter equally an important platform for businesses to grow. Content creation in X is a bit tricky. You have to be crisp and quirky. It is also one of the quickest ways to promote your business on a large scale. Our services include account set up and maintenance, posting tweets, increasing followers and doing proper hashtag research as per your business needs.

Our Strategy

Why choose us for your SMO service?

Growing your business organically through Social Media Optimization (SMO) involves a strategic and thoughtful approach. Here's a guide on how an effective SMO strategy can contribute to the organic growth of your business:

One Stop Solution for SMO

For years, we have been the sole one-stop solution provider for smo services Delhi. We take care of everything, – from optimizing your social media profiles to creating engaging content, doing competitive analysis to running targeted ad campaigns. Thus directing leads to your website.

Data-Driven Analytics

We don’t believe in words. We believe in numbers. No business can thrive without data. We track likes, comments, shares, saves, reach, followers, and all sorts of such engagement data through the data insights. We analyze, adapt and refine our strategies to fetch the optimum return on investment for you.

Transparent Reporting

If we do not know where we are, how will we reach where we want to be? To get a direction we need to stay informed and in control. Our transparent reporting system provides you with regular updates, insights, and analytics, so that we are always on the same page. We ensure you're always aware of the impact our SMO solution is making on your business.

SMO Experts

We take immense pride in our team. With an in-depth understanding of social media trends and algorithms our highly efficient and passionate team brings in all that is needed to propel your brand to digital success. They are always updated and charged up for new challenges. With their vast experience and wealth of knowledge, you are bound to get one of the best smo experts of Delhi.

Best ROI

Our motto is simple — get the best ROI. We don’t just generate leads. We generate relevant leads that have interests in your business. We then convert these interests into sales by adding links to the landing page of your website, include links to the blog posts in your social media, showcase new services or products, run contests to exchange contacts for a win.

24x7 After Sales Support

We are 24×7 available for our clients. Our dedicated after sales team is always available for you. If you have any query any day we are always happy to resolve it. Feel free to ping us or request a callback from our company anytime. We are always there for you.

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Build your Brand with us starting today. Digital Score Web is among the most trusted Digital Marketing Brands in Delhi. We offer comprehensive services like Social Media Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Website development, Graphic Designing, and many more. We have a dedicated and highly efficient team of social media optimization who have helped several brands grow their social presence significantly, generating the best ROI. We provide quality service at economical prices.

If you still haven’t scaled up your social media presence, then it is high time you do that, to be able to keep a strong hold in your industry.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the process of optimizing a website and its content to be easily shared and promoted on social media platforms. Whereas, SMM or Social Media management is to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads and sales.

It ensures a strong online presence, which is what most customers expect from a good brand or business. With SMO, businesses can establish an internet authority, brand improvisation, better visibility, and recall.

Social media optimization is the use of social media sites to enhance a company or organization’s brand and its online presence.

SMO stands for Social Media optimization.